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Although the school year is winding down, parents still have time to learn about preventing youth drug and alcohol in their family by checking out DrugFreeAz.org’s free prevention resources. The best part: Most of them are available online so busy parents can check them out during a free moment between dropping the kids off at school or at lunch. Read more » about Free Parent Resources

Before the Tux & Tassel

Do your teens have prom and graduation circled on the family calendar? Are they busy planning all of the perfect details, from transportation to dates and what to wear? With the school year winding down, it’s time for end-of-year fun, including prom, graduation, graduation parties and spring break. With that comes the time for parents to step in and make sure safety is on the top of the list. Read more » about Before the Tux & Tassel

Green Beer Means...

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. With all of the festivities around green everything, including beer, this is a holiday that can send mixed signals to our kids. With nearly 70% of our Arizona high school seniors reporting alcohol use (2012 ACJC Survey Results), St. Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity for parents to discuss alcohol with their kids.

How can we use this as a teaching moment with our kids? Read more » about Green Beer Means...


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