Increasing Teen Use of Synthetic hGH

Today’s national survey results about synthetic hGH and increasing teen use, among both girls and boys, is concerning. hGH is medically prescribed for certain conditions and off-label use is prohibited by the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. Read more » about Increasing Teen Use of Synthetic hGH

Instilling Responsibility

Every day we have to make decisions. No matter how old we are, we face the demand of daily decision-making and the responsibility it brings. It is a parent’s responsibility to build a foundation in their child’s life so that the child will be more likely to make healthy decisions and grow to become a confident, independent adult.  How do we accomplish this? One thing we can do is instill a strong sense of responsibility from an early age. Read more » about Instilling Responsibility


Did you notice our new name? We are pleased to introduce

The name change is a direct reflection of our focal point – the prevention of drug and alcohol use among children and teenagers in Arizona.

The new name of, aligns with our messages and goals of:                       Read more » about Introducing!


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