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Rx Take-Back Day

It’s lurking in your bathroom cabinets, on your kitchen counter and maybe even on your nightstand. In Arizona, one in five 10th-graders report having used one without a doctor’s prescription (2012 Arizona Youth Survey results). What’s this close to home and dangerous to our kids? Prescription and over-the-counter medicine.

While medicine abuse is a problem in Arizona, the community has the power to make a difference. Read more » about Rx Take-Back Day

What’s the Latest on Synthetic Drugs?

It’s safe to say synthetic drugs are currently the fastest-changing drug category. With attractive code names and unpredictable side effects, it can be a challenge for parents to keep up on the latest synthetic drugs that pose a threat to our kids.

How Well do You Know Synthetic Drugs?

·         What are bath salts?

·         What are unique dangers that set synthetic drugs apart?

·         What are common street names for synthetic drugs? Read more » about What’s the Latest on Synthetic Drugs?

Just Because They’re Back Home…

Doesn’t mean they’re safe. As we head into the prom and graduation party season, we focus on ensuring our kids stay safe at these events and that they make healthy choices while they’re out, especially when it comes to drugs and alcohol. But just because they’ve arrived home safely doesn’t mean the coast is clear.

After Your Teen Walks Through the Door: Read more » about Just Because They’re Back Home…


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