Helping Teens Shatter the Myths About Drugs

Many teens are not aware of the serious risks drugs and alcohol pose to their health, to their success in school, and to their future. So the question is: What can communities do to effectively educate this generation of teens about drug abuse? One way is for school staff, parents, and students to work together on awareness events that will provide teens with the facts about drug use. National Drug Facts Week (NDFW) is a national health observance designed to arm communities with the materials and tools they need to influence teens to say no to drugs. Inspired by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the National Institute of Health, NDFW is in its fifth year and will be held from January 26 through February 1, 2015. Read more » about Helping Teens Shatter the Myths About Drugs

Keeping your Children Safe Online

According to the latest Pew Research study, 95% of all teens are now online and 81% are using some form of social media! So if you have a teen, the likelihood of them being online and using social media is pretty high. Do you know what they are up to? Read more » about Keeping your Children Safe Online

What direction is your child headed this year?

How did it get to be January 2015 already?!  That’s a question that’s fresh on the minds of many people these days.  Despite time passing quickly, the arrival of the New Year brings a renewed hope for what is to come over the next year. Many people will set resolutions to pick up a new hobby or kick a bad habit.  One of the best resolutions we can make this year is to connect with our children in ways that build trust and confidence. offers 15 steps to help build a better relationship with your child and create a stronger, more resilient teen. Read more » about What direction is your child headed this year?


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